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DEAD SLEEP is a new four piece hailing from Malmö, Sweden. Intent on distilling the energy provided by early thrash/speed metal and punk/metal crossover bands in the US, they also pay hommage to the NWOBHM bands of the era. After paying their dues in the rehearsal room, crafting addictive riffs and hooks, they joined forces with producer/sound engineer Ulf Blomberg (Exhale, Bastard Grave, Counterblast, etc) to churn out seven songs of melodic and hard-hitting punk metal thrash.

Dead Sleep have already attracted recognition from the metal, punk and thrash scene. The band appeared at Malmöfestivalen 2016 in front of a large and excited crowd and delivered a highly appreciated performance. This year Dead Sleep is confirmed to play at Sweden´s biggest festival Sweden Rock Festival (w/ Aerosmith, In Flames, Venom) as well as Sweden´s biggest metal fest Gefle Metal Festival (w/ Amon Amarth, Testament, Death Angel).

Dead Sleep have just released a new 7 inch single ”Aleppo” on Denomination Records, along with a new video. A full length album will be recorded during the summer 2017 and released worldwide later in autumn through Denomination Records.

Dead Sleep’s members have a long background in the music business: Marcus Bader has released four albums and toured extensively around the world with electropunkband Quit your Dayjob. Anna Wagner played in the noisebands Serial Synic and Pets or Food. Per Olofsson, is the ace drummer of recording artists Blastrock.

Dead Sleep and Denomination records has initiated a collaboration for DEAD SLEEP future releases.

Dead Sleep line-up:

Anna Wagner – main vox, bass
Marcus Bader – guitar, backing vox
Johan Salo – guitar, backing vox
P. O – drums




2017-03 ALEPPO 7# vinyl and digital. DENOMINATION RECORDS.

Link here:

http://www.transubstans.com/den_CDrel.htmlDenomination Records/Sub-label to Transsubstans Records



2016/10 DEAD SLEEP Ep:

Link here:



2016-06 BRING THE KNIFE – single.

Buy digital copy here:




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